We know that every customer is different, with a unique set of needs and expectations. So our approach is to architect a solution designed specifically for you.


We analyze your needs, create a customized plan and help put the plan into action.



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Out Think The Competition


It’s a proven fact that businesses who develop and follow a formal strategic business plan outperform their competitors who do not. 


But developing the right plan without making the process overcomplicated or burdensome is not always easy. 


We help companies navigate this process, making it simple and effective.  Our methods infuse the optimal mix of science and creativity to generate the right results for you.


Maybe you are a new company just starting out and need a comprehensive business plan. Or maybe you are a well-established organization and just need to tweak your strategy. Maybe you are someplace in between. 


In any case, our strategic planning process will provide a method and a roadmap to get you where you want to go.

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Build A Stronger Team


For most companies, people are the most important asset, ensuring you have the most knowledgeable and high performing personnel is critical.


Jeff Sierra, President & CMO at Mind Fuel, is an experienced business coach and trainer. He works one on one with business leaders to provide insights and guidance on professional and business specific growth opportunities.


He also provides large group and team training on a variety of topics including business transformation, the process of innovation, direct and digital marketing, customer service delivery and more.


Jeff is a regular presenter at industry trade shows and conferences, company events and webinars. He is also a faculty member at the PODi Institute where he conducts in-person and online marketing training.


Additionally, Jeff is a certified instructor at Instant E-Training, a leading provider of online digital marketing training resources.


If you have an upcoming conference, company event or client meeting and need a keynote speaker or if you have specific training and education needs, we can help.


Improve Marketing Performance


You know that to grow your business, you have to create a positive, ongoing dialogue with your customers and prospects.


But in today’s rapidly changing business environment, it’s not always easy to know the best way to do that. That's where we come in.


We are experts at designing the best approach to strengthen your brand and improve your marketing performance. This includes the use of brain science and neuromarketing techniques to drive response and engagement. We understand the right methods, channels and technologies to use to help you achieve exceptional results with the greatest ROI.


If you need to generate new business leads, increase brand awareness, penetrate a new a market, launch a new product or select the right marketing technology, we can help.

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Find A Better Way


Identifying and implementing process improvements can lead to higher efficiency and lowered cost. You know that doing this is critical for your business to prosper.


We take a more holistic approach to process improvement. It’s what we call strategic process optimization and it can deliver results beyond higher efficiency and lowered cost. Strategic process optimization can drive higher quality, faster speed to market and improved customer service.


All this translates into more satisfied customers and a better bottom line.


We help companies uncover hidden opportunities to improve, map out a plan and put it into action. There is almost always a better way. We can help you find it.


Innovation Is A Repeatable Process


Innovation can be an overused buzz word. It’s something that many organizations make claim to but struggle to deliver.


But the reality is, innovation can be a sustained and repeatable process that drives creativity, continuous improvement and revenue growth. When done right, it can transform your business. It’s what we call “innovation activation.”


Mind Fuel helps companies understand how to implement this process and infuse innovation deep into company culture.

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