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Coaching Engagements

Solutions to support individual career transition and leadership development


Career Transition Essentials
Developing your Personal Brand, Resume and LinkedIn Profile

This engagement is for those who have decided to pursue a job change, but need help understanding and executing the essentials. We will start by discussing your current career situation as well as your goals for the future. We will then:


  • Develop your personal branding statement

  • Rewrite your resume

  • Rewrite your LinkedIn profile


You will need to provide your current resume and LinkedIn URL at least 48 hours before your first meeting.

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Engagement Structure

2 session x 30 minutes


Navigating and Nailing the Career Transition Process

This engagement is for those who have decided to pursue a job change but need guidance to understand the career transition process, prepare for each step and have ongoing support to flawlessly execute landing your next position.  We will:

  • Develop a strategy designed to meet your career goals

  • Provide education on how to use jobs boards, recruiters, networking and other key resources

  • Develop your personal band

  • Rewrite your resume and LinkedIn profile

  • Interview Preparation

  • Communication and follow up strategies

Engagement Structure

1 session x 60 minutes

5 session x 45 minutes


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Leadership Transformation
Aligning Your Personal Vison, Values and Strengths for Dynamic Growth

This engagement is for mid-level and senior leaders looking to improve.  


Having a clearly articulated vision, well defined values and understanding your biggest strengths, are three of the most important characteristics of great leaders. Vision helps to present a view of the future for where you, your team and your organization can go. Values are like your internal compass. They guide you toward the vision when you are questioning how to get there. Understanding your biggest strengths helps leaders more effectively achieve growth and change.

In this engagement we will help you align your vison, values and strengths to become a more dynamic, stronger and aware leader. We will:

  • Create your personal vision

  • Identify and rank your values and strengths using proven assessment tools

  • Implement a simple tool to align your vison, values and strengths

  • Develop strategies and methods for continued growth as a leader

  • Email and support calls between sessions

Engagement Structure

2 session x 60 minutes

8 session x 40 minutes


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